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    Shaka Kayaks

        Welcome to Shaka Kayaks, North Shore Oahu's premiere eco-kayak tour company featuring clear bottom kayaks.  We invite you to spend some time with us exploring the hidden jewels of Oahu's North Shore.  Come along on a guided ocean kayak tour that departs from the world famous Turtle Bay Resort.  See first hand the marine life as your clear bottom kayak glides over tropical fish, colorful coral reefs and turtles.  Learn about the local flora and fauna from your expert guide.  Step back into history inside of a real WWII bunker.  Relax with refreshments on one of the most beautiful secluded beaches in all of Oahu.  Explore the trails behind Kawela Bay looking for the giant "Lost" Banyan Tree.  Search for buried treasure for the keiki.  Enjoy a chance encounter with a spinner dolphin, humpback whale, Hawaiian monk seal or even a movie star.  Experience the thrill of the newest kayak sport in the world Stand Up Kayaking invented by your tour guides.  Whether you are a first time visitor or a local kama'aina there is something new for everyone to see.  And remember our motto...

"Take only pictures, leave only a wake "

Our Location

Turtle Bay Resort

        Shaka Kayaks is located in Hawai’i on the fabled  North Shore of Oahu at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort.  Turtle Bay Resort is a 5 star resort only 45 minutes from the hustle of Honolulu but a world apart.  With over 4 miles of untouched shoreline where you can easily find your own private beach it is a direct contrast to Waikiki that is less than 2 miles long and sometimes hard to find a place to put your towel down.  One of the best and environmentally friendly ways to reach these secluded beaches is by kayak.  Kawela Bay is the highlight of the kayak tour.  As there is no public beach access, most locals don’t even know about this beautiful gem of True Hawai’i which is the location for several movie and TV shows.  Other resort activities include two landscaped pools, two championship golf courses, a surfing school, helicopter tours, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking trails, 10 tennis courts, a world class spa, gourmet dining, snorkeling and guided ocean kayak tours.  Turtle Bay Resort is the only true luxury full-service resort on the breathtaking North Shore of Oahu.  They are True Hawai’i.

Your Guides

Captain Scott Sundby

            Captain Scott is both the owner and founder of Shaka Kayaks.  Captain Scott first visited Oahu when he was 8 years old and it changed his life.  He did his first open water scuba dive here at age 9 and became a certified diver at age 10.  Continuing his love of the ocean, he vowed never to live more than walking distance to the ocean and 30 years later he has kept this promise.  At age 15, Captain Scott became the youngest ever certified PADI dive master and at 18 the youngest PADI instructor certified in Australia. 

           Captain Scott focused his education on water safety and became a Florida state Emergency Medical Technician and a PADI Medic First Aid and CPR instructor.  At age 21 he received his US Coast Guard captain’s license and for the next 15 years he kept his childhood vow by living on the ocean on a variety of boats around the world.  While living in Mexico for 8 years, Captain Scott did field research on manta rays.  He authored and taught the very first course on manta rays and fought to get and keep these beautiful creatures protected. 

            Captain Scott relocated to Palau where he learned about kayak eco tours from the experts there.  While there he met the love of his life Sarah, and after getting married in South Africa they delivered a live aboard dive boat from Palau to Belize.  During the next year they continued on an adventure trip around the world filming wildlife, and when they came to Oahu they decided to stop and make it their home.  They have been living for 8 years now at Turtle Bay exploring the untouched shoreline.  Captain Scott started Shaka Kayaks with the interest of protecting one of Oahu’s last untouched areas of True Hawai'i by offering environmentally friendly eco-tours that "take only pictures and leave only footprints in the sand."

Drew Wilkinson

          Drew is an experienced waterman in activities such as surfing, kayaking and swimming through underwater caves. He grew up in Florida where he attended Florida State University and received a degree in environmental education. After 2 years of teaching high school environmental science, Drew decided it was time to follow his dreams and moved out to Hawaii. On the Big Island he volunteered for the Hawksbill Sea Turtle Recovery Project before moving to the North Shore of Oahu. He enjoys eating breakfast foods late into the night and getting barreled at the crack of dawn. Furthermore, he is an adamant reduce, reuse, recycler and can often be seen picking up trash in random places. Drew is also a scuba diver and Red Cross certified lifeguard instructor with a passion for eating mangoes and salsa dancing. Drew also writes for several online magazines and you can check out his latest article at http://www.alohaupdate.com/2011/08/16/top-3-places-to-see-green-sea-turtles-on-the-north-shore-of-oahu/.       

Congratulations Drew on a top 3 finish in the annual Da Hui Sunset Beach to Waimea Bay paddleboard race!

Sian Howell

        Sian was born in South Africa and has spent most of her life on the pacific islands of Guam and Hawaii. Growing up she has been surrounded by ocean and loves living the island and ocean lifestyle, which has led to a great passion for the outdoors and the ocean. She has done Outrigger Canoe Paddling for 5 years, 4 of which was part of her high school team. Surfing is one of her favorite hobbies, along with kayaking! She enjoyed several years of Junior Life guarding at Ehukai Pipeline and loves the beach and snorkeling the north shore. Ever since she was a kid living in Guam she has loved hiking and has been to many spectacular places all around the world. After graduating high school from Kahuku High, she spent 6 months traveling around Europe, and now currently attends Hawaii Healing Arts College for Massage Therapy. 

John Canner

     John is a water enthusiast. Loves being in the water and experiencing everything it has to offer. He loves to surf, SUP, Kayak, Body surf, Scuba, Snorkel, spear fishing, big wave training (rock running, holding breath, cardio/working out) and just about any outside activity on and off the water. John was born in Connecticut and spend his high school and college years in Florida. He got his A.A. at University of Central Florida and is now finishing his education here on Oahu at University of Hawai’i.  He now enjoys chasing the big waves and is always looking for a better wave, and the perfect ride. He is Scuba diver and Red Cross Lifeguard certified and really loves where he is right now. With his pure enjoyment of the aina (the land) and with the lifestyle and community of north shore he could not imagine being anywhere else. This is why Johns aloha spirit shines through so brightly and he can wait to help you see a little bit of what he sees in north shore.

Sean Reilly

     Sean is an all around waterman from San Francisco, California.  A true water baby, Sean's parents had him catching waves by the age of 5.  Before he finished high school, he was an All_American swimmer and had established roots at famous breaks like Mavericks and Steamer Lane. In 2008 he moved to Hawaii to pursue his swimming career.  Sean received a full scholarship to swim at the University of Hawaii.  He quickly fell in love with the friendly people, warm water and laid back lifestyle the islands had to offer.  Sean received a bachelors of arts in Journalism and finished off his swimming career at the 2012 Olympic Trials.  Now Sean resides on the fabled North Shore across from Sunset Beach.  When he's not guiding kayak tours through the majestic Kawela Bay he is frolicking in the playground of the Pacific.  Sean also works as a journalist for Freesurf Magazine and couldn't be more at home on the North Shore.  With a genuine love for life, Sean is an ambassador of the Aloha Spirit!

Kanisha Bruce

     Kanisha is a long time water lover from Boise, Idaho.  Growing up in Idaho she loved all things outdoors.  She enjoyed boating all summer long, and skiing on the frozen water in the winter.  Her love for blue skies and beaches eventually drew her to Hawaii for college.  Kanisha is currently going to school at BYU-Hawaii as a biology major.  When she isn't studying you will find Kanisha on the beach or in the mountains.  She loves to swim, surf, kayak and hike.  Kanisha has been on the island for 4 years and has discovered many of it's secrets.  She loves to adventure, find new hikes, new places to surf and enjoys many local events.  If you are looking for something fun to do just ask her!

Joe Bennion

     Joe is the best thing to come out of Utah since 2012, this man grew up hiking throughout the Unitas, Zion, Moab, Yellowstone and Rocky Mountains.  Now attending Brigham Young University Hawaii with his wife, he as been able to continue to increase his love for the outdoors by kayaking, surfing and free diving.  Joe is studying business finance, and has been living next dorr in the town of Laie for a few years.  This strapping young man is an Honorary Eagle Scout and is certified in Lifeguarding, First Aid and CPR.  Joe has expressed on many occasions his love and respect for Hawaii and feels vrey lucky to be a part of its Aloha Spirit.



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