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Shaka Kayaks is committed to using the latest, safest and most comfortable equipment so you won’t have to worry about anything but enjoying yourself on the tour. Shaka Kayaks is the only eco-kayak tour company in Hawai’i featuring the Frenzy from Ocean Kayak. These unique single kayaks have a tri-hull design which allows the most stable platform for viewing marine life.


Shaka Kayaks offers you a choice of two types of kayaks from Ocean Kayak, the world’s biggest maker of sit-on-top kayaks.  Our single kayaks all feature the unique tri-hull design for a very stable and easy ride.  For those who want to share their kayaking experience, we offer the double kayak Malibu Two XL, the planet’s most popular kayak.


Overhead and profile shot of a kayak


Ocean Kayak recommends and Shaka Kayaks uses the Carlisle Magic Plus  paddle for it’s light weight, ease of use and durability. You can choose from a right-hand feathered paddle or a non-feathered paddle if you are left-handed. All paddles are secured to the kayak with a lanyard so you wont have to worry about loosing them if you drop them.



At Shaka Kayaks our first concern is always safety. We use comfortable adjustable life vests that are all USCG approved and equipped with a safety whistle and personal rescue beacon light (for sunset trips). These jackets are specially designed to allow freedom of use for your arms that is required in kayak paddling. Your guide will match you with a proper size and adjust them prior to kayaking to ensure a snug but comfortable fit.
Tour Tip: Proper fit is tight over your belly button and looser around your chest.