Captain Scott is both the owner and founder of Shaka Kayaks.  Captain Scott first visited Oahu when he was 8 years old and it changed his life.  He did his first open water scuba dive here at age 9 and became a certified diver at age 10.  Continuing his love of the ocean, he vowed never to live more than walking distance to the ocean and 30 years later he has kept this promise. After countless certifications, explorations, and research stints around the world, he found his home on the fabled north shore at Sunset Beach. Captain Scott started Shaka Kayaks with the interest of protecting one of Oahu’s last untouched areas of True Hawai’i by offering environmentally friendly eco-tours that “take only pictures and leave only footprints in the sand.”

Kayak guide Scott Sundby


Kanisha is a long time water lover from Boise, Idaho.  Growing up in Idaho she loved all things outdoors.  She enjoyed boating all summer long, and skiing on the frozen water in the winter.  Her love for blue skies and beaches eventually drew her to Hawaii for college.  Kanisha graduated school at BYU-Hawaii as a biology major.  When she isn’t kayaking you will find Kanisha on the beach or in the mountains.  She loves to swim, surf, kayak and hike.  Kanisha has been on the island for 4 years and has discovered many of it’s secrets.  She loves to adventure, find new hikes, new places to surf and enjoys many local events.  If you are looking for something fun to do just ask her!

Kayak guide Kanisha Bruce


Aaron is from Seattle, Washington.  He grew up loving kayaking and the ocean.  His family owns a cabin up in the San Juan Islands so he had the privilege of being able to kayak as much as he wanted.  Being in water has always given him a sense of peace.  Since Aaron was 5 years old he has been on swim teams and he’s so grateful now that his mom made him join.  After Aaron graduated high school he attended Western Washington University. It was there that his passion for the outdoors was kicked into overdrive.  When he wasn’t in class or studying Aaron was hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking, or sailing.  Aaron graduated from WWU with a BA in outdoor recreation and a minor in environmental science. With a degree like that, the North Shore of Oahu seemed like the best place for Aaron to start exploring what his field had to offer. When he arrived, Aaron immediately fell madly in love with surfing and knew that this island would be my home for the foreseeable future. Eat, sleep, kayak, and surf; that is Aaron’s life and he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Kayak guide Aaron Ettel


John is a water enthusiast. Loves being in the water and experiencing everything it has to offer. He loves to surf, SUP, Kayak, Body surf, Scuba, Snorkel, spear fishing, big wave training (rock running, holding breath, cardio/working out) and just about any outside activity on and off the water. John was born in Connecticut and spend his high school and college years in Florida. He got his A.A. at University of Central Florida and is now finishing his education here on Oahu at University of Hawai’i.  He now enjoys chasing the big waves and is always looking for a better wave, and the perfect ride. He is Scuba diver and Red Cross Lifeguard certified and really loves where he is right now. With his pure enjoyment of the aina (the land) and with the lifestyle and community of north shore he could not imagine being anywhere else. This is why Johns aloha spirit shines through so brightly and he can wait to help you see a little bit of what he sees in north shore.

Kayak guide John Canner


Sean is an all around waterman from San Francisco, California.  A true water baby, Sean’s parents had him catching waves by the age of 5.  Before he finished high school, he was an All American swimmer and had established roots at famous breaks like Mavericks and Steamer Lane. In 2008 he moved to Hawaii to pursue his swimming career.  Sean received a full scholarship to swim at the University of Hawaii.  He quickly fell in love with the friendly people, warm water and laid back lifestyle the islands had to offer.  Sean received a bachelors of arts in Journalism and finished off his swimming career at the 2012 Olympic Trials.  Now Sean resides on the fabled North Shore across from Sunset Beach.  When he’s not guiding kayak tours through the majestic Kawela Bay he is frolicking in the playground of the Pacific.  Sean also works as a journalist for Freesurf Magazine and couldn’t be more at home on the North Shore.  With a genuine love for life, Sean is an ambassador of the Aloha Spirit!

Kayak guide Sean Reilly


Drew is an experienced waterman in activities such as surfing, kayaking and swimming through underwater caves. He grew up in Florida where he attended Florida State University and received a degree in environmental education. After 2 years of teaching high school environmental science, Drew decided it was time to follow his dreams and moved out to Hawaii. On the Big Island he volunteered for the Hawksbill Sea Turtle Recovery Project before moving to the North Shore of Oahu. He enjoys eating breakfast foods late into the night and getting barreled at the crack of dawn. Furthermore, he is an adamant reduce, reuse, recycler and can often be seen picking up trash in random places. Drew is also a scuba diver and Red Cross certified lifeguard instructor with a passion for eating mangoes and salsa dancing. Drew also writes for several online magazines and you can check out his latest article.

Kayak Guide Drew Wilkinson


Lexie is a fitness enthusiast. She can’t go a day without hiking a mountain, surfing, dancing, yoga, or weight lifting. When she is not participating in those activities she is capturing them as a professional photographer. Lexie is a Graphic Design Major at BYU-Hawaii in her senior year. Learning is one of her biggest passions. She enjoys learning about different cultures, the ocean, and the local wild and marine life. Lexie believes in giving back to this land that has given us so much life and enjoyment and you can often find her picking up litter on the beaches across the north shore. She is always smiling and chasing the sun, ready to share with you all that she has learned in this island paradise.